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AlzRisk Meta-Analysis

Risk Factor: Diabetes Mellitus
Risk Factor Type: Chronic disease, Metabolic
Current Understanding:
The tables below summarize results from observational studies of the relationship between diabetes mellitus and measures of pre-clinical diabetes with AD and total dementia. Overall, the evidence is consistent with an association between diabetes diagnosis and increased risk of AD, suggesting that measures to prevent diabetes -- such as exercise, weight reduction and diet control -- will likely provide some protective benefit. Preliminary studies examining the risk of AD in association with measures of pre-clinical diabetes seem to specifically link impaired glucose tolerance with increased AD risk, but further research is needed to better characterize the relationship between these measures and AD. While standard glucose control is critical to prevent microvascular and macrovascular complications of diabetes, and may also be beneficial for cognitive outcomes, the effects of tighter glucose control regimens on AD require further study. For a review of the putative mechanisms by which diabetes may influence AD risk and detailed commentary on interpreting the findings below in a broader context, please view the Discussion.
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Meta-Analysis Table
Meta-Analysis Methods

Diabetes mellitus diagnosis (yes vs. no)
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