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AlzRisk Cohort Detail

Cohort: Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men
Risk Factors:

Introduction to the Cohort
The Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Adult Men (ULSAM) is a longitudinal, epidemiologic study based on all available men, born between 1920 and 1924, in Uppsala County, Sweden. The origin of this longitudinal study was the "Uppsala Primary Preventive Study", carried out between September 1970 and September 1973. 2,841 men were invited for the investigation, and 2,322 (81.7%) participated.

The men were investigated 6 times at the ages of 50, 60, 70,77, 82, and 88 years. Investigation at 88 years of age started in September 2008 and was completed in December 2009. Full screening and official registry data are available in the ULSAM database and more data is continuously added.

Ethnicity Breakdown
All members of ULSAM are Northern European (almost exclusively white).

Diagnosis & Evaluation Methods
For a detailed description, see Ronnemaa et al. 2008.

Ronnemaa E, et al., Impaired insulin secretion increases the risk of Alzheimer disease. Neurology. 2008;71(14):1065-71.

Uppsala Longitudinal Study of Aging Men, available at Accessed on April 26, 2010.